Jaguar’s prestige saloon car, XJL both feels like a classic car, and also a redefinition of what luxury automobiles should be, with its state-of-the-art surprises. Due to its combination of technology, sumptuousness and sportiness, the XJL is at once powerful and refined.

The car is built for passenger relaxation. With the craftsmanship involved in the beautiful oak finish, leather upholstery and truffle carpets, passengers are in the lap of luxury, allowing them to forget the journey and just enjoy. Jaguar’s state-of-the-art Touch Pro system is a standard enhancement along with Wi-Fi, TV and DVD and electric blinds.

XJL received the highest Total Quality Score in the Luxury Car segment of the 2016 Strategic Vision Inc. Total Quality Impact survey. Exceptionally luxurious, amongst all other features, it is the XJL interior that sets it apart. You never just travel in an XJL, you are transported to another place with finesse.


  • Ultra smooth air suspension
  • 1-4 passengers
  • 2 large bags
  • Longer wheelbase with extra legroom
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Personal climate control
  • Electric blinds
  • Leather interior
  • Twin sun roof
  • Privacy windows
  • Rear window blinds
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